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Our solution will help you:

  • Identify where your sensitive data is, by focusing on the areas of Records Management and Information Management. By being on top of how you manage records and information in your organisation, we can identify where sensitive information flows, and where we need to focus safeguards.
  • Protect personal and regulated data, by seeing where your Information Privacy Governance and Compliance structures link to Records Management and Information Management processes and handle important information such as Information Privacy Notices and Disclosures.
  • Govern content processing. Focusing on your Information Privacy Governance and Compliance will allow you to have a clearer understanding of Information Management in your organisation, as well as Information Processing and Information Consent Management.
  • Control identity and access rights. This is supported by your Information Privacy Governance and Compliance focus area, as well as Information Security Management and Records Management, to ensure your information is secure and that the right users have the required access.
  • Enable security and privacy controls. This allows your organisation more control over your Information Security Management, Records Management, Information Privacy Notices and Disclosures and Information Consent Management, which are pivotal requirements of the PoPI Act, and;
  • Respond to incidents and consumer requests. This requires to focus on the areas of Information Privacy Incident Management, Data Subject Management, Records Management and Information Privacy Governance and Compliance.