We can visualise your
business communication

our process

Activations &

Sell your Project with
an Interactive Experience

What is a Showcase?

Nothing gives you more visibility and exposure than a showcase. Artefacts designed for the showcase are reusable and can be integrated into other content.

What are the benefits?

Excellent visibility and exposure
Creates a memorable experience
Face-to-face interaction with your stakeholders
Re-usable elements / designed products
Can boost buy-in with your product / project / initiative

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Boosts Sales & Interaction
with Explainer Videos

What are Explainer Videos?

An explainer video is a short animated video that aims to explain a business idea in an engaging and compelling way.

We use clear and concise language as well as appealing visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention in order to explain
complex ideas and products.

We manage every step of the creative process – from concept, scripting and animation in consultation with the client.

What are the benefits?

More memorable than printed content
Audio-visual material have more impact
Possible to reach a wider audience

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Illustration Data

Get your project message
across visually

What are Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of complex information or data in order to make it understandable at a glance. It simplifies the information or large amounts of data in such a way that it becomes accessible to a wide audience.

We can visualise your information – whether it’s your project journey, or a fresh approach to visually report findings, the options are

What are the benefits?

It can clarify complex information
It aids comprehension of information
It makes monitoring processes and journeys easier
Has extractable and reusable elements

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Editorial &

Creating Memorable
Communication Products

What does this Involve?

Give your training manuals / brochures a visual makeover. A professional looking business logo or project identity helps to establish your brand. Create consistent business stationery elements (letterheads, newsletter templates, etc).

What are the benefits?

Appealing and engaging content
Elevates the professional look of your projects
Creates consistency with your business stationery or project artefacts

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Reports &

Creating Memorable
Communication Products

Why Design Reports and Presentations?

Many business reports tend to be too wordy, text heavy, difficult to read and boring. We give aim to make reports and board presentations memorable and engaging.

We follow the Visual Identity Guidelines of your company in order to create material that is in line with the brand.

What are the benefits?

Visually appealing and engaging content that grabs attention
Clear graphic design ensures that content is accesable
Content becomes easier to absord, understand and remember

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