Continuous momentum for
Business value Delivery

Bizmod has a strong capability to deliver projects using Agile.

This equips Bizmod teams on the site, to deal with an evolving landscape and maintaining a focus on the rapid delivery of business value. During the whole cycle, user involvement is encouraged, providing visibility & transparency, showing the actual progress of projects.

The fact that there is continuous planning and feedback through the process means that we can start delivering business value from the beginning of the project. Again, the idea is to deliver value to the business early in the process, making it easier to lower risks associated with development.

Bizmod can adapt its approach to the maturity level of their clients Agile journey. We are able to click into a mature Agile environment, or to assist Clients in embedding Agile from scratch.

Industry Standards

  • Agile

  • SAFe


  • KanBan

  • Lean

  • Scrum

Implemening Agile as aprt of NWOW
(New Ways of Work)

Bizmod further has a fully developed methodology to implement New Ways of Work. We have supported clients to move from traditional methods of delivery projects to a future facing new way of work. We have a unique proposition that has gained significant success in modernisation of IT areas.

Business Benefits Include

  • Faster delivery
  • Improved communication
  • Collaboration
  • Higher levels of innovation
  • Continuous delivery
  • Lower levels of complexity
  • Opportunity to address technical debt
  • Higher employee engagement

At Bizmod we believe that implementing Agile as part of NWOW requires a focus on key three elements namely

  • Practices and methods:
    To support the need to provide more, with less at a higher level of quality, it is essential to assess and review the methods in which we deliver work.

  • Technology capabilities:
    IT departments have been placed under enormous pressure to provide cost eective solutions that are innovative, quick to deploy and do not disrupt organisational stability.

  • People capabilities:
    Concepts around hierarchical structures, command and control leadership styles, and even key performance indicators somehow must evolve to create an inclusive, connected and autonomous work force.

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