Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). It’s the great discussion. The ultimate business reset. The digital frontier for new skills and new ways of working and thinking. It’s intelligence and transformation. It’s redefining the shape of engagements and employees. And it is ensuring that the organisation is capable of moving at the speed required to gain the scale and agility it needs to thrive in a constantly changing business landscape. Yet, according to the World Economic Forum, the world is in the midst of a global reskilling emergency. Approximately 133 million new jobs could be created by 4IR by next year, but who will do them? What skills are missing? And what should companies be doing to fix the problem?

The first point, according to McKinsey, is ‘intentional learning’. Organisations and people need to learn new skills, constantly, to keep their feet paddling through the detritus left behind by the pandemic, rapid digitisation, and even more rapid modernisation. Unlike ducks, the surface view isn’t smooth. People are battling to find their feet as their skills become redundant. To help your people and your business dodge that oncoming 4IR train, you have to remind them of the value of learning and give them opportunities to undertake that learning. In short, build a culture of intentional learning within the organisation by providing employees with reskilling programmes that fill business gaps and fulfil career goals.

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