Are you entrepreneurial, results-driven, solution-focused, authentic and tenacious? If you take ownership, think critically and play well on a team, then Bizmod is the company for you!

The Bizmod Consulting talent pool is comprised of like-minded, robust consultants, who believe in shaping their own future and making the world a better place. We believe in supporting our employees and contractors – collectively known as Bizmodians – through continuous account management, back-office support and knowledge transfer. But it is not all about work. We are also dedicated to bringing about real change in our society through social investment via our Women’s Trust.

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What Bizmodians
Say About Us

“I joined Bizmod because I was looking for a home, a family I can join of like-minded people who believe in the value of cross skilled individuals; who work as consultants at clients to provide optimized, sustainable solutions that make a difference.” – Anelda Dillon (Project Management Consultant / Account Manager)

“The Bizmod leadership team is not only in front of you, they are also besides you and uniquely they are behind you. In addition, as Bizmodians we come together as a beginning, we stick together to find progress and we work together for success.” – Sandra Willms (Snr Business Analysis Consultant / Account Manager)

“I enjoy the fact that all employees, contracting or permanent, can converse with Partners directly. As a result the people-focused culture makes the company a tremendous one to be a part of. Bizmod has invested generously in my skill as a well-rounded and versatile Business Analysis Consultant, while exposing me to endless opportunities in various industries in my area of expertise and beyond. Last but certainly not least, for the very first time in my career, I’m a part of a company that truly cares, we have the Bizmod fairy that constantly and pleasantly reminds everyone at Bizmod of this fact.” – Bridget Mabhena (Snr Business Analysis Consultant / Account Manager)

“Bizmod represents the kind of Values, Work Ethic and Camaraderie I was looking for in a consulting company. Since joining, the welcome, induction and support from Bizmodians have been an improvement on every consulting firm I have been with in the last 10 years. It’s good to be part of a team…” – Adriaan Botha (Programme Management Consultant)

“Choose a work-place you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life – this is what I would say about Bizmod. A place where Management looks after you as family.” – Pavan Atluri (Snr Business Analysis Consultant / Stream Lead / Account Manager)

“Bizmod is built on a solid set of norms and values, and prides itself by this. The company appoints people who will fit their culture and people are kept honest in this regard. Bizmod respects its people and appreciates the fact that we are all human with lives outside of work, and correspondingly, Bizmodians are sympathetic when life happens. Bizmodians are also self-driven; focused on delivering outputs; friendly; willing to assist, coach and mentor. Bizmod believes in continuously developing employees and they not only invest in their people, but they also sow in the community in a variety of ways. I personally also admire Bizmod’s philosophies on conducting business as ideas and suggestions – solutions happen in collaboration with clients and are not forced on them. I believe this has led to Bizmod’s sophisticated client base, which just shows what a trusted service provider they are within the industry.” – Melindi Loock (Change Management Consultant)