Seugnet van der Berg, Managing Director of niche consulting firm, Bizmod says that many people lack the ability to promote themselves in their organisation.

“If individuals do not make their achievements visible, they risk hindering their career both externally and internally as their organisation will not be aware of the exceptional resource it has in-house.”

Seugnet says that there is a lack of self-promotion know-how, and specifically little understanding on how to approach personal marketing activities. She has five simple tips for individuals that can assist them in adequately marketing themselves:

1. Talk about what you’ve done: Focus your marketing on amplifying projects that you’ve completed successfully. Don’t talk about capabilities that your aren’t au fait with. Focus on implementations that you have undertaken, what the success criteria were and how you achieved them.

2. A 360° approach: Don’t talk only at the highest level – talk to your peers. Speaking in hifalutin language and addressing those in the highest management positions doesn’t always win over the decision-makers. Keep your information simple and honest.

3. Give a visual of your success: Capture your thinking, or your case study in a visual format or on a one-page document. People naturally understand a concept or example better if they have a visual to study.

4. Don’t be shy to share failures: The process of learning that comes as a result of a failed project or initiative is as important for the growth of individuals as its successes. Be honest and show how your failures have shaped your current abilities.

5. It’s a two-way conversation: Engaging with your colleagues offers the ideal opportunity to develop a rapport. Encourage two-way dialogue as it will ensure an understanding of your achievements and abilities.

Seugnet cautions against being brash and arrogant, she likens self-marketing to a stealth bomber, “do the job and then share your success with the right people.”