The pandemic forced employees and employers to rethink the way that work is conducted. Seugnet van den Berg, founding partner at Bizmod, believes that working virtually is here to stay. “Companies have seen over the past two years that being physically present in an office is no longer necessary to excel at one’s job. Output, delivery and purposeful connection with co-workers is the priority and this can be achieved no matter where you are based.”

The transition to online working came with a host of challenges as teams across the globe learnt initially how to get things done whilst not physically being in the same location. “Just short of two years into the pandemic we have navigated these waters. But as remote working continues to be a reality, one of the main challenges employers are still contending with is how to ensure that the culture of an organisation transcends into the virtual space, especially when employing new team members. And, in the same way, new employees are grappling with being able to understand the organisational hierarchy, developing relationships and entrenching themselves within the organisations,” says van den Berg.

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