Virtual communication has become part of our everyday lives and despite getting back to some kind of normality pre-March 2020, business trends show that virtual communication is here to stay. Inge Lawrence from Bizmod says that we have had to adapt the way in which we communicate because of the pandemic. “Communicating virtually was forced upon many of us and as a result we had to learn how to do this, quickly.”

While some struggled, others implemented business tools and apps to help with the process, and over the months many of us have improved our virtual communication skills and adapted to the challenges. Looking ahead, for effective virtual communication, Lawrence says the below is critical:

Know your audience
An internal vs. external audience requires a different communication approach. While many of us have developed our preferred way of communicating, whether it be via Zoom, email, interactive work platforms, etc. it is important to know what your audience’s preferred methods are to ensure successful communication.

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