SPONSORED: When we were suddenly thrown into working from home last year, technology became more important to individuals and organisations than ever before.

At the same time this brought about an increase in security gaps as there was an accelerated need to move to a digital way of working. “Even with Stats South Africa finding that fewer people are working from home this quarter as opposed to the last, what this development has done is provide companies with the ideal opportunity to align organisational governance to PoPI,” says Lize Kloppers, Senior Business Analyst at Bizmod Consulting.

PoPI impacts organisations holistically, simply because personal information is embedded in any organisation that provides services or products or a combination thereof to customers; utilises third parties and employs individuals. From a customer perspective it impacts the way organisations communicate with, market to, and provide credit to customers. From an employee perspective it touches on how employees are recruited, assessed, onboarded as well as offboarded – incorporating the full employee journey. From a third-party perspective it impacts suppliers, vendors, and procurement.

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