Is information privacy getting you down? Don’t know where to start or what to do? See how you can go from PoPI-huh to PoPI-AH!

The Protection of Personal Information Act can seem overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into bite-sized chunks, you can quickly see where you are in your PoPIA journey and plot out what you still have to do.

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PoPIA, or the Protection of Personal Information Act, has been put in place to regulate personal information (PI) in South Africa. The Act ensures that organisations have the required safeguards in place to secure the PI they collect and use. This means that any organisation in SA which processes personal information must put measures in place to comply with the Act.

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Typical PoPIA Journey

If you are a small business, have a look at the typical PoPIA journey and see how our packages can help get your organisation ready.


  • Get your organisation’s PoPIA requirements.
  • Make your organisation PoPIA aware
  • Set up PoPIA rules
  • Enable your employees


  • Notify customers, employees and third parties.
  • Know where your PI sits.
  • Safeguard third party agreements.
  • Manage Direct markering preferences.


  • Close privacy gaps.
  • Build privacy into all new ideas.

We need to understand the PoPIA requirements and structure our organisation accordingly.

This package explains what PoPIA entails. Who does what and why? And who will take charge when your Personal Information is at risk? The package includes a training video that will take you through what the organisation needs to look at overall. More Info >

This package includes:

  • PoPIA Infographic

  • PoPIA FAQ’s

  • PoPIA Training Video

only R1 599

We need to implement new policies to guide or organisation on how we should work with Personal Information to comply with the PoPI Act.

PoPIA compliance starts with Privacy awareness. This package will help you create PoPIA awareness in your company and outline how the Act impacts your employees’ day-to-day operations. More info>

This package includes:

  • Launch PoPIA to the business with an exciting, informative campaign

  • Socialise the Act-make sure your people understand the Act

  • Tell your people what you will be doing to comply

only R1 999

We need to make our employees aware of the PoPI Act and how it will impact the way they do their work.

PoPIA compliance depends on your people. They may understand the act, but not the rules that you have put in place. This package educates your organisation on the importance of working responsibly with PI and sets out the rules for working towards PoPIA compliance. More info>

This package includes:

  • Policy Explainer Infographics

  • Employee Awareness Campaigns

  • PoPIA FAQ’s

  • Privacy Notices for Websites and Documents

only R1 920

We need to equip our employees with the skills to ensure the safety and security of the personal information we are required to collect.

To comply with the PoPI Act, you need to use the right tools. This package educates your organisation on all the PoPIA interventions and solutions you are putting in place and guides them through using these tools to make Privacy a part of your business DNA. More info>

This package includes:

  • PoPIA Tips Infographics

  • PoPIA Reference Guides

  • PoPIA Training Material

  • PoPIA FAQs

only R2 999

We need to safeguard our personal information by implementing various PoPIA requirements such as Privacy Notices, Third Party agreements, and a system to manage Direct Marketing Preferences.


Do you need help getting PoPIA set up in your organisation? We offer a variety of consulting services that take the guesswork out of your compliance journey and gets you where you need to be. Select one of the options below:

Data Privacy Governance
We can help you set up Data Privacy Governance in your organisation and interpret and assess the relevant regulatory landscape and requirements as the Information Regulator matures. We create the required frameworks, strategies, policies, reports and operating models so you can mature your organisation’s Data Privacy with the Bizmod Maturity Model.

Data Privacy Implementation
We will assess gaps in your organisation and guide you on regulatory requirements while engaging your stakeholders for customised and maintained Data Subject Participation and Incident and Breach Management processes and tools. We also lead your journey to a new Direct Marketing Policy and Guideline and Third Party Sourcing and Onboarding process and tool.

Data Privacy Culture
Change starts with people. We create engaging, measured privacy content including awareness campaigns, induction material, behaviour-focused campaigns training and targeted communications. We design and conduct Data Privacy Culture Surveys and report findings and recommendations to your Information Officer. Let us maintain your data privacy communication channels.

Manage Data Privacy Business Compliance
We manage your Data Privacy Business Compliance with a customised compliance tool, assessments and reports. We build privacy into everything you do with our Privacy by Design process and tools and align compliance with your internal audit teams and processes.

Data Discovery and PI Inventory
Let us find where your sensitive information lives. We report on the data discovery analysis findings and recommended remedial actions while helping you maintain a PI inventory so you know what you have and where it sits.

Monitor and Report on Data Privacy
We help you monitor and report on business compliance and serve as an Information Privacy advisory SME helping you report back to the Information Regulator.

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