The World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs and Skills, stated that 65% of children who entered primary school in 2016 would ultimately end up working in completely new job types, that don’t yet exist. Amy Dempsey, principal consultant at Bizmod Consulting says that there has been a dynamic shift in skills requirements and the work environment and this is continuing every day. For individuals and organisations to stay relevant they need to stay abreast of this and adapt constantly.

Organisations that embrace engaging, empowering and inspiring leadership are not only leading in their fields but are also attracting the best of breed employees that are connected and engaged with the company. “We have all come to expect instant gratification and this applies to customers in every industry and all walks of life. It is therefore imperative for organisations to focus on outputs. To achieve this, organisations have to collaborate with one another and share information across different companies and industries,” says Dempsey.

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