Seugnet van den Berg, from consulting firm Bizmod says that a new era of consulting is upon us. The success of implementing IT systems and structures across the business is largely dependent on the individuals affected having a clear understanding of the intended solutions. “Translating the information into a format that is interesting and understandable is therefore paramount. The idea of applying artistic principles and creativity is an exciting and new way to approach this.”

Introducing complex structures and systems into an organisation is challenging.  Messaging and an understanding of the new processes are often not achieved.  “Creating a visual image can be more comprehensible than words,” says Van den Berg.  “Behavioural change can only be achieved when there is understanding so that the required actions can be undertaken.  Engaging with the stakeholders through story telling and using graphic representations to unpack the elements of desired success is an innovative means to achieve this.”

This approach does not affect the way the project is managed, only the way the project is communicated. “At a personal level we are comfortable sharing, favouriting and liking images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, yet many corporates are lagging behind in using innovative means to communicate their messaging,” says van den Berg. “Graphic representations that include 3D structures, cartoons, puzzles, artistic exhibitions, info graphics, apps and animated video clips can be created to enable more active engagement.”

“An increasing number of organisations require a fun and magic way to communicate complex solutions.  By creating a journey map that is presented in a tangible artistic model, the organisation is able to guide stakeholders down the path necessary to achieve the end state.”

Van den Berg says that a recent project with a client from the financial sector enabled the organisational transformation from a silo mentality to one of collaboration and enthusiastic participation.  “The key to this challenging project was to find a way to simplify highly multifaceted messages to a diverse audience.” Bizmod achieved this by ensuring personalised engagement with the target group by embarking on a number of showcase events which created a platform to draw large teams together and encourage networking between departments.

“By using creative images excitement was created around a perceived problematic initiative and info graphics were used to convert intricate ideas.  This was done in the form of a variety of banners that were later used as project artefacts and setup in strategic locations throughout the offices to serve as a constant reminder.” Van den Berg concludes that consulting is not about information.  “The information is already out there but it is how you take the information and translate it into a way that all the stakeholders can understand.

Published IT Online – 9 Nov 2015